El Rincon

El Rincon

Santa Barbara, Honduras

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Country: Honduras
Department: Santa Bárbara
Producers: Crecencio Izzaguire, David Muñoz, Salvador Guzman, Roberto Figueroa
Variety: Catuai, Pacas, Parainema
Elevation: 1500-1860 masl
Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Chocolate Malted, Red Plum, Toasted Nuts

El Rincon is a perfect example of the "gestalt effect" that occurs when multiple lots of coffee from the same community of producers are carefully selected and presented together as a regional blend. In 2017, then-Collaborative Coffee Source buyer David Stallings and San Vicente exporter Benjamin Paz created a regional blend from small farms whose coffees were really good but didn't quite qualify as a microlot. The idea was to financially support producers until they can earn highest premiums or yield enough coffee per estate, at which point their coffees are graduated from the blend and a new farmer can join it. This is a long-term regional strategy and Small Planes is thrilled to support the project again in its fourth year.

As with other RISE series coffees, El Rincon’s components were selected to be sweet, clean, and rich. It's malty, chocolatey, and nutty and 100% ready for your latte. The acidity is gentler this year, forming a quiet red stone fruit core that tempers the dark chocolate sweetness. Malteds might be old fashioned - you've most likely tasted malt in your local brewery's porter or Halloween haul of Whoppers - but we're loving the toasty, creamy, toffee vibes it brings to our coffee cup. 

Imported by: Collaborative Coffee Source.