When will my order ship?

Since our coffee is roasted to order, a typical week is broken up into two roasting production cycles. We roast Monday-Thursday. Please find the deadlines for each below to see when your order will ship.
Orders Roasted Monday-Tuesday
Ships Wednesday
Deadline: Sunday before at midnight
Order Roasted Wednedsay-Thursday
Ships Friday
Deadline: Tuesday before at midnight


If I select the roastery pick-up option for my order, when should I stop by?

You will be asked to choose a time slot when you do so. However, you may stop by anytime that a team member is here. Those times tend to be weekdays 8am - 4pm. Please note that pick up orders follow the same cadence as shipped orders. Please take a look at the order deadlines above to see when your order would be ready for pick up based on when you order.

Do we do tours or tastings/cuppings?

We do a monthly cupping/tasting every first Friday of the month at 11am free of charge (unless otherwise stated). During these events you are free to look around the roastery, however we do not do official tours. Slots are limited for these events. The sign up link is posted on our instagram page as well as the front page of our website! These cuppings are a great way to get a taste of our menu and learn about coffee in general. Everyone is welcome. No prior coffee knowledge or experience is needed so don't be shy. 

Does our roastery process any highly allergic foods?

We do not. We only process coffee.

What are flavor notes? Are they actually in the coffee?

Flavor notes listed on our bags are not actual ingredients in the coffee. The flavor notes are also not what we are telling you that you have to taste. Everyone has different experiences with flavors and flavor notes on our bags are descriptors available to help describe what our team tastes from a particular coffee to our customers. This way, consumers can better understand which kinds of coffee they enjoy whether that is a medium-roasted low acidity Brazil to a light-roasted, high-acidity Kenyan coffee.

Are we open to the public?

Most days, we are strictly a production space. However, we do host events and occasional cafe service! 

Where can you find our coffee?

Please find a list of our stockists here

How do we typically roast? 

We typically roast light to medium. 

Do we have an espresso roast? 

We do not have an espresso-specific roast. We believe all of our coffees can work as espresso through respective calibration and you’ll find that certain recipes will cater better to certain coffees. We tend to try all of our coffees using different brew methods, from espresso to filter, so that we can help guide our customers through calibration. If there’s a coffee you’re curious how to brew, reach out to us we’re happy to help.

Any other questions or order issues? Please email us :)