Iced pour-over recipe

We use this recipe everyday with a variety of drippers. You're going to have to tweak it depending on your coffee/dripper/preferences. 


Dose: 14g

Output: 200g (75g ice/125g water)

Grind size: Medium fine - Coarse

Water temperature: 196-197 Degrees Fahrenheit

Contact time: Around 2:00 (can depend on coffee)

(All concentric pours)

0:00 - 45g bloom (45)

0:30 - 40g pour (85)

1:00 - 40g pour (125)

Dilute completely before serving. Pour over some fresh ice and enjoy. :)

Lower brewing temperature is important here to help us get more out of the coffee, especially because we’re making iced coffee. I like to grind a bit finer than usual when I can get away with it. Certain drippers brew faster than others, which opens up a whole new area of experimentation for you.