Our Recipes

Aeropress Recipes:

SRS Recipe

Regular method

17g: 240ml

Ditting 5.5 (consistency of table salt)

0:00 - one steady pour to 240ml (this should take 20-30 secs)

*Remove from scale before you press!*

1:00 - give slurry a quick stir then slowly press for about 15 sec.

Batch Brew/Drip Recipes:

Bonavita (Hot): 

Water: 1 liter

Dose: 60 grams

Grind: Coarse

Bonavita (Iced):

Water: 700 grams (.7 liters)

Ice: 300 grams

Dose: 60 grams

Grind: Medium fine-Coarse

Ice: 300 grams

Simply Good Brewer:

DH Recipe

Water: 720 grams (.72 liters)

Dose: 45 grams

Grind: Coarse

*Use white bleached filers*


Beehouse Dripper: 

SRS Recipe


Dose: 24g : 400g water

Grind size: Medium fine

50g bloom for :30

150g pour by :50

100g pour by 1:15

100g pour by 1:45