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Small Planes

Balbina Sabillón - Parainema Selection

Balbina Sabillón - Parainema Selection

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Country: Honduras
Department: Santa Bárbara
Nearest Town: Las Flores
Variety: Parainema 
Elevation: 1300 masl
Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Lime, Cherry Cola, Panela

If we can say one definitive thing about Honduran coffees, it’s that there’s no single Honduran profile. The country is a veritable cornucopia of flavors, elevations, micro-climates, and varieties, which means our offerings from the origin are also distinctive. Plus, this lot is 100% Parainema variety. Parainema is a Honduran pedigree selection from the Sarchimor family, bred for resistance to leaf rust and pests. It needs a lot of soil nutrition, but it’s well-adapted to medium altitudes. This is especially useful for third-generation producer Balbina, whose farm sits at just 1300 masl.

We are excited to welcome back another Small Planes perennial to our menu, Balbina Sabillón. Similar to years past, we feature her Parainema variety selection and have begun to notice some unique characteristics with this variety. In no way, can you box varieties into extremely specific profiles (especially as climate changes, processing adaptations, etc. occur) but we can certainly notice trends. Balbina’s Parainema comes to us with a welcomed fruity, herbal and spicy quality. This year’s lot packs a punch of lime acidity balanced perfectly with a sweet but not too sweet panela aftertaste. While of course your cup of Balbina's coffee won't literally fizz like cherry cola, you might experience the similar syrupy-effervescence of one as you sip. Cheers!

Imported by: Collaborative Coffee Source

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