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Colonnade Subscription

Colonnade Subscription

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate Syrup, Dried Fruit, Dark Brown Sugar

You all asked for it and we’ve delivered. 

We welcome our newest year-round offering to the menu, Colonnade. A name chosen to pay homage to the pillars of coffee that lay the foundation for our progress today. There’s something nostalgic about more developed roasts that we find comfort in and reminds us of our first experiences with coffee. Cups we personally remember enjoying at our local diners or with friends & family, what memories do coffees like these bring to you?

An adventure into uncharted territory for our style of roasting that delivers a more developed and deeper offering to you all. Similar to our other blends, the components will change, but the flavor profile will remain. A roast profile that delivers classical flavors and highlights the comforting qualities of Latin American coffees. This flavor profile celebrates the balance of butterscotch and bittersweet caramels that linger sweetly after your first few sips. We roasted Colonnade to deliver deeper flavors retaining the cooked sugars and candied nut qualities of it’s components without imparting smoky, carbonic flavors, providing a perfect morning cup on its own or with milk. The type of coffee that can make a delicious shot of espresso for those home baristas or simply, holds well against your morning breakfast, this coffee is for the everyday people. To celebrate the past and future journeys, we hope that colonnade can join your morning ritual.

Colonnade currently consists of washed 50% Washed Brazil (The Holz Family Lot), 30% Pulped Natural Brazil (Corrego Da Prata) & 20% washed Honduras (Cabanas RISE)

Imported by: Osito Coffee.
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