Agaro, Ethiopia

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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Agaro
Variety: Landrace Varieties
Process: Washed (10-12 hr fermentation)
Elevation: 1975-2200 masl
Tasting Notes: Honeysuckle, Candied Lemon, Watermelon

This year’s Yukro is layered and complex, exhibiting a delightful balance of heady floral aromatics, rich honey sweetness, and the refreshing acidity of ripe summer fruit. Look for notes of honeysuckle, rose, and nectarine in Yukro’s dry fragrance followed by delicate flavors of honey, lemon drop candy, and cherry on the palate. We especially love the aftertaste of this coffee, finishing with the juiciness and near-the-rind tang of midsummer watermelon. 

Yukro is another exceptional coffee from the Jimma Zone in southwest Ethiopia. Like Duromina, the Yukro coop is a member of the Kata Maduga Union, and places special focus on sustainability through water waste management. They use less than 2L of water per kilo of cherries, which puts their usage much closer to the water usage of pulp natural and natural processes. Yet this cup is juicy and clean, and we're excited for you to try it.