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Wintry Mix

Wintry Mix

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Brrrr! You all feel that? It feels like the holiday season has officially arrived! And what perfect timing as we launch our holiday blend, Wintry Mix. You all may be no stranger to it, but this is our holiday blend we've curated to warm your heart this season. It brings all the comfort you could ask for in a winter blend and reminds us of that sweet hot cocoa you enjoy out with family and friends.

As the the weather gets colder and the skies get darker, we start to gravitate towards those sweeter coffees to comfort us and those are the coffees we chose to achieve that profile in this year's blend. With sweetness in mind, each of the components of this blend bring something different to the table that in unison become the perfect holiday treat! We chose Segundo Galindez, whose coffees makes a double feature this year. This is Segundo's Bourbon selection which brings candied nuts and dried pineapple to this blend. Riakiberu AA is our second component of the blend that brings all the red fruits we enjoy in the holiday seasons from cranberries to pomegranates! Lastly, there's Las Cabanas which gives us this lovely butterscotch and red apple characteristic that really rounds out this blend nicely with a crisp aftertaste. These coffees coalesce so well together and we experience flavors of butterscotch, cranberry and warming spices. A lovely mix of bright, savory and super sweet flavors that are here to bring winter warmth, happiness and health to you this season.

Components: 40% Kenya (Riakiberu AA) || 30% Segundo Galindez Bourbon Selection (Colombia) || 30% Las Cabanas (Honduras)

Varieties: Bourbon || SL 28 +34 || IHCAFE-90, Lempira, Catuai, Pache

Process: Washed

Imported by: Osito Coffee & CCS

Brewing Recipes:

We enjoy this coffee in so many ways. It's a blend roasted with ingredients and to a degree that is very soluble making it very easy to dial-in on through any brew method.

Filter Brewing ||
Coming soon

Espresso Brewing || 
Dose: 18g
Output: 45g
Brew Time: 28s

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