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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Guji
Woreda: Shakisso
Washing Station: Dambi Udo
Variety: Metu-Bishari Selections 74110 & 74112
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 2173 masl

Tasting Notes: Fresh Strawberry, Honey, Berry Froyo

Shoondhisa comes 72 smallholder farmers who deliver to a private washing station called Dambi Udo Agro-Industry PLC. It’s managed by Ture Wagi, who used to be a quality consultant for Mormora Estate, and we taste the results of that same care for natural processed coffees in Shoondhisa. Private stations differ from the union/coop model primarily by the way they pay contributing farmers. Farmers buy coop membership; coops provide training and resources for improved farm practices and community life. Those farmers receive partial payment upon delivering cherry and an additional dividend once the coop sells the processed, dry-milled coffee. Ideally, the farmer takes home that extra money, but often it goes to paying back the bank loans (plus interest) they needed to join the coop to begin with.

The farmers who deliver to the Dambi Udo washing station are paid upfront by kg/cherry delivered, regardless of the future sale. The washing station also trains farmers  in the summer, and hires about 80 seasonal workers who assist during harvest. Future plans include supplying seeds to farms, instituting contracts with farmers, pursuing certified organic status, and building a new washing station.