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Segundo Galindez

Segundo Galindez

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Country: Colombia
Department: Huila
Municipality: San Agustín
Farm: Finca Las Juntas
Varieties: Caturra & Colombia
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1718 masl

Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Caramel, Herbal

Segundo is someone who we are grateful to have the opportunity to purchase coffee from. He’s a generational coffee producer with 10+ years of experience in specialty coffee production focused on working hard towards higher quality each year. We are both proud and honored to have the opportunity to roast and showcase his quality. We purchase every pound of Segundo’s coffee; from his lots of castillos & caturra, to his bourbons & typica varieties.

This lot is a fun one as it brings some of the more caramel & chocolate-forward characteristics to the table. Checking all the boxes for a cup you love to wake up to, we have tempered acidity, high body, and high sweetness that come together in a harmonious balance.

In this lot, you might taste cooked fruit, brown sugar with an herbal aftertaste.

Imported by: Osito Coffee


On the cupping table, we experience a classical profile you get from some Colombian coffees; a deep chocolate, cooked fruits that can range in complexity from berry to tropical and a pleasant savory characteristic that leave satiating aftertastes on the palette. The aroma of this coffee gives chocolatey and spiced nutty characteristics with subtle citrus fruits.  When tasting this coffee hot, we experience a berry-like acidity that reminds us of cooked raspberry. This coffee gains complexity as it cools where that brightness becomes tropical; turning into cooked pineapple but is balanced by a medium-heavy body and caramel sweetness. We roasted this variety lot in a way that would complement these flavors. By roasting the coffee longer to a higher terminal temperature, we wanted to showcase structure and balance through these caramel and cooked fruit flavors.


This coffee comes with a lot of caramel and honey-like character, so when we brew it we enjoy using a conical shaped brewer like a Hario V-60 to bring out some of those other flavors. When brewing this coffee on a conical shaped brewer, we recommend a slightly coarser grind size to gain more flavor clarity of those nice cooked fruit characteristics.

Imported by: Osito Coffee
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