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Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

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Due to the nature of our sourcing philosophies for fresh crop green coffee and as our perennial offerings come and go from our menu, we often have just a little leftover green coffee that is yet to be roasted or test roasts available that have no real use due to inventory concerns, menu timing, etc. Rather than have it age or contribute to waste, we wanted to start a program that can be a source of contributing to a greater cause. Enter Odds and Ends. Odds and Ends are our inventory leftovers; whether it be test roasts or a blend we've created from our green coffee inventory that are available for sale at discounted prices with all proceeds going to World Central Kitchen monthly going forward.

Total amount raised since launch (October 6th, 2022): $520.00 

Please note the following: 

Odds and Ends will typically be:

  • only offered in 2lb kraft bags.
  • Test Roasts - These are roasts that we do before we launch a new coffee on our menu. They may or may not have hit our specs, but it is still the same great coffee that we source.


  • A blend of coffees - the blend will always consist of the leftovers from our green coffee inventory that we’ve mixed together and roasted to a medium roast profile.

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