Mario Moreno - Los Andes

Mario Moreno - Los Andes

Santa Barbara, Honduras

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Country: Honduras
Department: Santa Bárbara
Municipality: El Cedral
Variety: Pacas (50%) & Catuai (50%)
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1550 masl
Tasting Notes: Caramel, Almond, Black Tea

The Los Andes microlot from Mario Moreno is near El Cedral in western Santa Barbara, almost touching the Guatemalan border. This puts it in the Copán region, known for producing coffees with notes of citrus, chocolate, and caramel, carried by a delicate acidity in a bold and creamy body. 

Our offering from Maria Galeas and this one from Mario Moreno grow Catuai at the same elevation, the topography and terroir (plus the addition of Pacas to the Los Andes lot) make big changes to the overall taste profile. Maria’s coffee is an excellent representation of the Montecillo region, while Mario’s coffee reminds us of top-notch Guatemalan coffees - and that geo-political boundaries have little to do with agriculture.