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La Muralla

La Muralla

San Agustín, Colombia

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 Country: Colombia
 Department: Huila
 Municipality: San Agustín
 Producers: Multiple Producers
 Varieties: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
 Process: Washed
 Elevation: 1700-1900 masl
 Tasting Notes: Baker’s Chocolate, Black Cherry, Toasted Almond, 

 La Muralla is named for an informal group of young producers from San Agustín,
 who sometimes join forces to create truly special microlots. This group of producers produce a blend of cherries of the Caturra, Castillo, & Colombia variety. Castillo and Colombia, which are hybrid/ resistant varieties, are blended together with Caturra to produce such a beautifully easy drinking flavor profile. In the cup, we taste a profile with a sugary-bitter sweetness and malic acidity reminding us of semi-sweet chocolates, caramels and black cherry compote. 
 Colombian coffees always have such a range of flavor profiles and we are excited to have another offering from La Muralla on our menu.

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