Jimma, Ethiopia

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Country: Ethiopia
District: Gera, near Agaro
Zone: Jimma
Community: Kola
Washing Station: Telila
Variety: JARC 74112
Process: Washed 
Elevation: 2000 masl

Tasting Notes: Pomegranate, Nectarine, Chamomile

We are so excited to feature a unique lot separation through the Telila washing station on our menu this year. Telila Washing station operated by Mike Mamo and his team has the ability to separate lots upon arrival and this specific lot comes from the Kola Kebele - a regional designation in Ethiopia. Telila takes an unorthodox approach to lot separation in Ethiopia by separating the cherry by the region it was delivered from making this is an especially unique relationship among the coffee value chain in Ethiopia that is a specific variety from a specific community. This amount of specification shows in it’s cup profile that is full of flavor clarity with bright sparkling acidity. You can find notes of watermelon and jasmine in the aromas followed by juicy flavors of pomegranate and nectarine on the palate. As this coffee cools, you'll experience those flavors turn sweeter, reminding us of watermelon hard candy and florals reminiscent of chamomile. 

Imported by: Osito Coffee.