Gatomboya AA

Gatomboya AA

Nyeri, Kenya

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Country: Kenya
County: Nyeri
Town: Konyu
Cooperative: Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society
Washing Station: Gatomboya Factory

Varieties: SL28 and SL34
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1770 masl 

Tasting Notes: Concord Grape, Blackberry, Silky

Gatomboya Factory accepts cherry from 698 producers, who average 300 trees per farmer. Their coffee grows in Mt. Kenya’s rich volcanic soils alongside tea, maize, bananas, and vegetables, under the shade of grevillea, macadamia, and eucalyptus trees. The nearby Kirigu River supplies processing water and contributes to the marshy conditions inspiring the washing station's name - 'gatomboya' is Kikuyu for 'swamp'.

Kenyan coffees are known for bright and complex fruitiness, especially reminiscent of berries, as well as prominent sweetness and strong acidity. This lot from Gatomboya has a pronounced grape-iness that’s round and sweet and decidedly purple, if you know what we mean. Talkin' big Concord grape vibes, which complement a perceptibly silky texture. Aromas range from a sweet-spicy tomato chutney to floral tisanes. We taste blood orange, milk tea, and chocolate supported by blackberry acidity. This is the most 'classic' Kenyan profile we’ve shared in years, and we’re really excited. Honestly, we think it’s grape great!

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