Gakuyu-ini AB

Gakuyu-ini AB

Kianyaga, Kenya

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Country: Kenya
District: Kirinyaga
Town: Kianyaga
Mill: Gakuyu-ini Coffee Factory
Variety: SL28 and SL34
Elevation: 1567 masl
Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Concord Grape, Marmalade

This offering comes from the Gakuyu-ini Coffee Factory, due south of Mount Kenya. Coffee grows in fertile alluvial soil, deposited over millennia by runoff from glacial ice on top of the mountain. The factory has been processing coffees from the villages of Githiru, Gituba, and Mukure since 1982. The mill receives coffee from about 1,000 registered smallholder farmers, who might produce only a few bags of coffee per season. The amazing quality of this coffee is a testament to the careful farming and processing of the Thirikwa Farmers’ Co-op. 

Kenyan coffees are known for bright and complex fruitiness, prominent sweetness, and unapologetic acidity. In this year's Gakuyu-ini AB, we're tasting tangy blackberry, the bright acidity of cherry cola, the concentrated sweetness of Concord grapes, underscored by citrusy, bittersweet marmalade notes. Filter brews are showing off with a round, silky texture. If you throw it in a hopper, send us a note - we'll come over.