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Guji, Ethiopia

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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia
Zone: Guji
Woreda: Hambella Wamena
Variety: Ethiopian Landraces
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 1950-2150 masl

Tasting Notes: Grape Candy, Rose, Orange Zest

We are excited to bring you our first natural processed coffee of the season, Buliye. In contrast to washing stations, Buliye station is a drying station that only produces naturally processed coffee. Owned and operated by Kedir Hassen at Sibu Trading that oversees a number of washing and drying stations in Southern Ethiopia, we taste the quality that Kedir and his teams at Sibu Trading put into the processing of the coffee delivered from the neighboring kebeles.

Buliye is one of those coffees that hits all ends of the spectrum for folks looking for natural processed coffees. It’s heavy on the palette, has some dense sweetness and lovely bright berry-like acidity that reminds us of grape and raspberry. This coffee is everything we look for in a natural processed coffee as well. It’s vibrant and dynamic with a very clean structure. We really love this coffee for this summer season and our team recommends you try brewing some iced to cool down on those hot muggy days – you will not be disappointed! 

Our head of production, J, provided his iced coffee recipe that he's been enjoying these days. Here it is below:

15g of Coffee: 150ml of 196F (91C) water
75g Ice
Contact time: Around 1:40-1:50 (can depend on coffee)

(All concentric pours)
0:00 - 45ml bloom (45ml)
0:30 - 45ml pour (90ml)
1:00 - 60ml pour (150ml)

Dilute completely before serving.

P.S. J recommends letting your iced coffee settle and chill just before sipping.

Imported by: Osito Coffee.

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