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Small Planes



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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia
Zone: Guji
Variety: 74110 and 74112
Process: Natural
Elevation: 2100 masl

Tasting Notes: Concord Grape, Pineapple, White Peach

Bookkisa comes from smallholder farmers in the Bookkisa kebele who deliver cherries to a private washing station called Sookoo Coffee. Founded in late 2018/early 2019, Ture Waji and his brother Assefa founded their company Sookoo coffee and we are excited to bring another amazing coffee from them to our menu (Insider Knowledge: Ture has brought other Small Planes favorites to the menu such as Shoondhisa and Birbissa!). Located in Odo Shakiso within the Oromia Region and Guji Zone, Ture and Assefa primarily focus on producing naturally processed coffees sourced from the surrounding Kebeles. Each of the lots they produce are then named after the Kebele, e.g., Shoondhisa & Birbissa.

As you all have tasted before, the profile from coffees that come through Sookoo tend to be loaded with berries, sugary sweet flavors and incredible florality all while steering clear of some booziness that may come through other natural processed coffees. Bookkissa brings a whole slew of flavors to the table; we notice berries such as raspberry, currants and florals such as lavender in the aroma. On the palette, this coffee is lush and juicy with notes of grape that turn vibrant, sweet and soft into peach as it cools. The profile is structured; a syrupy body syrupy rounds out these juicy flavors while the caramels from the roasting process elevate the perceived sweetness making way for one delicious of an experience.

Imported by Osito Coffee
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