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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Guji
Woreda: Shakisso
Washing Station: Dambi Uddo
Variety: Metu-Bishari Selections 74110 & 74112
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 2173 masl

Tasting Notes: Fresh Strawberry, Honey, Berry Froyo

Shoondhisa is a classic Ethiopian sun-dried coffee. It’s a bit more intense than last year’s Mormora Estate, and less earthy than Mikuba 90. We taste strawberries and cream, wildberry frozen yogurt, and shortcake with berries and honey. Do you see the pattern? Fully ripe, sweet berries, tangy acidity, soft texture. Plus light florals, caramel, and sweet citrus. It’s creamy, bright, and fresh - exactly what might cheer you up on a grey autumnal day.

Shoondhisa comes from 72 smallholder farmers who deliver to a private washing station managed by Ture Waji, who used to be a quality consultant for Mormora Estate. We taste the results of that same care for natural processed coffees in Shoondhisa. In contrast to operations of most co-op models, the farmers who deliver cherry to the Dambi Uddo washing station are paid upfront, regardless of the future sale. The washing station also trains farmers in the non-harvest season, and hires about 80 seasonal workers who assist during harvest. 

A note on the varieties: 
The Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) has been working to research, classify, and develop new Ethiopian varieties since the 1970s. Their work has resulted in ~40 varietal selections referred to as ‘JARC improved’ coffees - two of which are in this selection. 74110 & 74112 both originate from trees found in forests near the Bishari village in the Metu woreda (so referred to as Metu-Bishari selections), and were selected for resistance to coffee berry disease, higher overall yields, and good growth at high altitudes. These selections are now some of the most-grown varieties in Ethiopia - 74110 is particularly notable for delivering the classic floral and citrus flavor profile you’ll notice in Shoondhisa.