Mikuba 90

Mikuba 90

Kayanza, Burundi

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Country: Burundi
Province: Kayanza
Washing Station: Heza
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Natural 
Elevation: 1870-2036 masl

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Chocolate Chips, Citrus

This is our second Long Miles Coffee Project lot of 2019, and the first ever natural processed Burundian coffee from Small Planes. Mikuba 90 is named after the hill on which its ~1900 contributing farmers live and work and for the sequential order in which these cherries were received: the 90th lot of harvest. It was processed at the same washing station as Nkonge, the washed Burundian coffee also on our menu. (We recommend trying them side by side as a regional comparison of two processing methods!)

Mikuba 90 is full-bodied and rich. It finishes remarkably clean and bright for a natural-processed coffee that's laden with flavors of blueberry and semisweet chocolate. The cupping table delivers all of its lighter citrus aromatics; filter brew brings out the lingering chocolate and fruit. It’s basically dessert in a cup.