Los Quetzales, Pacas Selection

Los Quetzales, Pacas Selection

Santa Barbara, Honduras

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Country: Honduras
Region: Santa Bárbara
Farmer: Pedro Sagastume
Variety: 100% Pacas
Elevation: 1600 masl
Processing: Washed

Tasting Notes: Maple, Raspberry Truffle, Spiced Nuts

Pedro Sagastume is a third generation coffee producer who has been managing his family’s coffee plantations for over 30 years. He has a central wet mill and drying facility that collects and processes coffee from the four plantations, but this lot is doubly selective: it’s 100% Pacas variety from a single plantation - Los Quetzales.

Coffee drying conditions in Santa Bárbara’s highest elevations are made difficult by jungle rains and cold humidity which can freeze cherries before they ripen. Indeed, Pedro cites the usual climate and the growing effects of climate change as major challenges to his operation, but is successfully producing sweet and complex coffees that we’re happy to share with you. And, bonus, this coffee is organic!* 

Los Quetzales comes from the southern corner of the Opalca coffee growing region, known for producing coffees with notes of tropical fruits, grapes, berries; delicate acidity, and a balanced aftertaste.

This coffee has many of those classic regional chocolate and nut notes, as well as a lively raspberry acidity. We’re particularly digging this coffee as a filter option, where it shines in a clean, balanced cup. Its brightness is underpinned by a soothing maple sweetness. Add the warming taste of spiced nuts at a fall festival, and you’ve found Los Quetzales, Pacas Selection - delightful, easy-drinking, and perfect for these cooler days.

*Which is to say, organically farmed. Small Planes is not a certified organic roasting facility.

Imported by: Collaborative Coffee Source.