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Divino Niño

Divino Niño

Suaza, Colombia

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 Country: Colombia
 Department: Huila
 Municipality: Suaza
 Producers: Multiple Producers
 Varieties: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
 Process: Washed
 Elevation: 1300-1700 masl
 Tasting Notes: Candied Nuts, Vanilla, Cooked Fruit

Divino Niño is yet another example of producers who join forces to produce some really excellent lots that are delicious and easy-drinking coffees. This group consists of 50+ farming families out of Huila who produce many types of varieties and quality grades, this year we purchased a blend of the Caturra, Castillo, & Colombia variety from their production. Castillo and Colombia, which are hybrid/resistant varieties, are blended together with Caturra to produce such a beautifully easy drinking flavor profile. 

The aroma of this coffee invites the nose with notes of toasted almonds, vanilla and pear in the cup. On the palate, we taste a pleasant acidity that reminds us of cooked apples when hot and turns into cooked plum as it cools. This is balanced by a candy-like sweetness; flavors of caramels, vanilla and almond all sweeten the deal creating a round and comforting aftertaste.

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