Chinga AB

Chinga AB

Nyeri, Kenya

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Country: Kenya
County: Nyeri
Producers: Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society Limited
Varieties: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Elevation: 1795 masl
Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Cranberry, Brown Sugar, Cherry Pie

Kenyan coffee processing is structured in ‘cooperative societies’ - umbrella organizations for multiple factories. This coffee comes to us from the Chinga Factory (wet mill), and Othaya Coffee Mill (dry mill), and was sourced by none other than our friends in Burundi: Long Miles Coffee Project. This is their first year sending out coffees from one of our favorite coffee growing origins and we’re excited! This Chinga AB lot was grown by 782 coffee farmers, whose average age is 60, on trees averaging 35 years. Those numbers represent a huge amount of expertise, the results of which are obvious in this delicious lot.

We love Kenyan coffees for their complex fruitiness, prominent sweetness, and vibrant acidity. This outturn shows it all. Fruits come through as bright cranberry, fresh sun gold tomato, and deeply sweet & juicy cherry. Brown sugar and maple notes start on the nose and carry all the way through the last drop. Splash in a bit of sparkling lime acidity, and you've got a festive, uplifting cup of coffee to shake off those Daylight Savings blues. 

Quick note on brewing: Kenyan coffees tend to be highly soluble, so consider moving your grind a click or two coarser when dialing in. And don't feel the need to rush through this bag - some of our best brews came more than two weeks off-roast!

Imported by: Osito Coffee.