Bukeye Hills Peaberry

Bukeye Hills Peaberry

Muramvya, Burundi

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Country: Burundi
Province: Muramvya
Collines: Gaharo, Munyinya, Musumba, Ninga,
Washing Station: Bukeye
Producers: 113 farmers
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1760 masl

Burundian coffee farms exist on collines, ‘hills’ in the colonial Belgian French, and deliver coffee to their local washing stations. Each colline represents a microclimate, most with ideal coffee-growing conditions of high elevation, nitrogen-rich volcanic soil, mild temperatures, and gentle rainfall. American expats Ben & Kristy Carlson started Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP) to ‘facilitate direct and meaningful relationships between coffee roasters and coffee growers by producing great coffee and telling the story of the farmers who grow it’ (LMCP website). This coffee comes from the first washing station by Long Miles Coffee Project, called Bukeye surrounded by the hills of Gaharo, Munyinya, Musumba and Ninga.

In the country of Burundi on the border of the Muramvya and Kayanza provinces, lies the village of Bukeye and the Bukeye Washing Station. It is at this washing station where the Long Miles Coffee Scout program was piloted and established. The Coffee Scouts working at Bukeye are a team of fifteen Burundians focused toward coffee quality management who work with a team of Long Miles agronomists in dedication of innovative solutions towards mitigating the risk of potato defect and the threats climate change has on soil health in the hills. This team is leading and working with 113 of the employees at Bukeye all who work towards extensive quality control in efforts to produce quality coffee out of each harvest season. 

With all of the quality control and logistics it takes to get coffee out of Burundi, we are proud and grateful to be able to have another offering from one of the three Long Miles washing stations again. This particular selection from Bukeye is a 100% Peaberry selection- a bean size selection named from when one seed develops on its own in a cherry resulting in a bean that has a small, round shape. Since one seed receives all the sugars and nutrients of the cherry, peaberries are often dense and extra sweet and this year’s offering brings just that to the table. A deliciously tempered profile that we all know and love from coffees out of Burundi. In the cup, you’ll first notice aromatics of stone fruits and caramels. As you begin to taste this coffee, it will taste citrusy and malic reminiscent of gooseberries shifting into flavors of fresh apricot as it cools. While retaining its delicate acidity, it is rounded out by its depth of baking spices reminding us of a warm peach cobbler. Yes, peach cobbler, you read that right. This is the cup for comfort.

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