Shakiso, Ethiopia

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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Guji
Woreda: Shakiso
Washing Station: Dambi Uddo
Variety: Metu-Bishari Selections 74110 & 74112
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 2173 masl

Tasting Notes: Berry Blast, Tropical Punch, Fruit Tart

This coffee is a veritable berry blast. It's got blueberry. It's got strawberry. It's got blackberry and boysenberry and cherry. (We don't even care that cherry is a stone fruit - it rhymes, and it's in there!) Somehow it tastes like all the best North American fruits were cooked into a pastry crust and topped with pineapple-mango frosting. It's sweet, lively, and super fruity. 

Birbissa comes from smallholder farmers in the Birbissa kebele who deliver to a private washing station managed by brother Ture & Assefa Waji. In contrast to operations of most co-op models, the farmers who deliver cherry to the Dambi Uddo washing station are paid upfront, regardless of the future sale success. The washing station also trains farmers in the non-harvest season, and hires about 80 seasonal workers who assist during harvest. Ture's legendary instincts and careful work are paying off in Shakisso. 

A note on the varieties: 
The Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) has been working to research, classify, and develop new Ethiopian varieties since the 1970s. Their work has resulted in ~40 varietal selections referred to as ‘JARC improved’ coffees - two of which are in this selection. 74110 & 74112 both originate from trees found in forests near the Bishari village in the Metu woreda (so referred to as Metu-Bishari selections), and were selected for resistance to coffee berry disease, higher overall yields, and good growth at high altitudes. These selections are now some of the most-grown varieties in Ethiopia.

Imported by: Osito Coffee.