Balbina Sabillón

Balbina Sabillón

Santa Barbara, Honduras

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Country: Honduras
Department: Santa Bárbara
Nearest Town: Las Flores
Variety: Parainema 
Elevation: 1300 masl
Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Citrus, Cola

If we can say one definitive thing about Honduran coffees, it’s that there’s no single Honduran profile. The country is known for diversity of flavors, elevations, micro-climates, and varieties, which makes our offerings from the origin so diverse. This will not taste like El Rincon, which, in turn, did not taste like Los Quetzales. Additionally, this lot is a Parainema selection. Parainema is a Honduran pedigree selection from the Sarchimor family, bred for resistance to leaf rust and pests. It needs a lot of soil nutrition, but it’s well-adapted to medium altitudes. This is especially useful for third-generation producer Balbina, whose farm sits just at 1300 masl.

On the cupping table, this is super bright and full of dynamic acidity, like many citrusy Ethiopian coffees. (In fact, it was the crowd favorite at our December catalog cupping, and no one guessed it was from Honduras.) We're enjoying this coffee's floral and citrus blossom aromas, caramel sweetness, hint of berries and cocoa, and tangy cherry cola vibes.