Alexis Gonzales

Alexis Gonzales

Huila, Colombia

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Country: Colombia
Department: Huila
Municipality: Acevedo
Variety: Variedad Colombia (100%)
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1450 masl
Tasting Notes: Creme Brûlée, Honeycrisp Apple, Raspberry Tea

The famed micro-region of Acevedo is situated at the convergence of three mountain ranges that become the Colombian Andes. Cool, moist air from the nearby jungle simulates climates found at higher elevations, making Acevedo ideal for coffee growing. It's an exception to the ‘flat and boring’ rule of low-altitude coffees. Jungle clouds do, however, make it more difficult to dry coffees evenly, and quality-focused farmers like Alexis Gonzales build raised beds with vented solar drying tents for good air circulation and humidity regulation as the beans dry. 

This careful processing helped Alexis's coffee place 7th at this year's Acevedo Cup - an annual coffee quality competition sponsored by our importing partners, Collaborative Coffee Source. (You'll see their snazzy sticker on the bag!)

Look for complex dry fragrance including dark chocolate, golden raisins, almond butter, and a hint of herbality. Brewed as filter coffee you’ll find a medium-light body that feels velvety when hot and juicier as it cools. We're enjoying stone fruit, mixed berries, caramel, and baking spices as well as the standout notes on the label. 

Primary tasting notes refer to the heavily browned sugars and creamy custard of a creme brûlée; the sweet-tart malic acidity dense aromatics of Honeycrisp apples; and a refreshing finish that reminds us of iced black tea with fresh raspberries.